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Edd Kirby's Adventure Chevrolet Chrysler Jeep

1501 W Walnut Ave
Dalton, GA 30720

  • : 800-255-1821

Our Staff

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  • Founder - Edd Kirby
    Edd Kirby

    Ed Kirby originally founded Adcox-Kirby Chevrolet in 1953 in Chattanooga, TN. In 1985, after a 30 year partnership, Ed Kirby moved to Dalton, buying out Dennis Brent Chevrolet Jeep. In 1994 Edd Kirby retired at which time we became the only One Price No Haggle No Hassle store in the area. In 2000 we added the Chrysler Brand and our name was ammended to Edd Kirby's Adventure Chevrolet Chrysler Jeep to better reflect our new kinder gentler No Hassle way of selling cars and trucks.

    Ed Kirby left a lifetime legacy of fairness and impeccable honesty in business. The high integrity and "my word is my bond" character that was forged growing up in the depression years has been instilled in the Kirby family and has motivated us to take care of the customers who purchase vehicles from us no matter what. As my father once said, "Son, if you can't afford to take care of your customers, you don't deserve to stay in business" We take that seriously at Edd Kirby's Adventure and strive every day to "deserve" to be here.

  • Joe Kirby - Dealer
    Joe Kirby
    706-278-1122 ext 200

    Joe Kirby was born after Ed Kirby was already a Chevrolet Dealer, so Joe has literally grown up in the car business. WOW has it ever changed in the last 50 years! The vehicles are so well made today, so well equipped, and so much safer and more dependable, and yes they're quite a bit more complicated too. Today we use technicians, not mechanics, to service and diagnose the vehicle of today, which is not surprising as these vehicles have more computer power on board than the Apollo spacecraft had that went to the moon!

    It's an exciting time to be in the automobile business. There are so many advances in technology that allow us to bring a better value to our customers than was ever possible in the past. The incredible deals we are able to offer, the financing, and the service after the sale are all improved by staying on the cutting edge of technology and never losing our motivation to "take care of our customers." Enthusiastically happy customers are what motivate us and we invest in the people, tools and technology to do it better than anyone else in order to give you the best price and service anywhere - right here in Dalton and now in Chattanooga too!

  • CFO - Becky Kirby
    Becky Kirby

    True to this concerned moment captured here where she was exclaiming "a BEE!", Becky has been the company troubleshooter since leaving her career with IBM and coming full time to Adventure in the early 90's. Whether it's a 'bee' in the showroom or the service department, or a financial 'bee' getting ready to sting someone, Becky will find it and take the actions to shoo it away. Becky makes sure that all the hard work each department does produces a good result for Adventure so that we can keep providing our unbeatable values for many years to come.

  • General Manager
    Robert Kirby

    Robert Kirby continues a long tradition of the Edd Kirby Adventure name as the third generation of Kirbys to enter the car business. Having recently graduated from UGA in Business and Finance and having entered this business in the most challenging economic period in our lifetime, Robert is learning first hand about the importance of stringent cost controls and excellent service in order to deliver a superior value . As the newest member of our team, Robert can attest that business is still good and folks still buy enthusiastically when they find a great value, and Robert is instrumental in delivering the tremendous Used Vehicle Values you see on our site. Welcome Home Robert!

  • Ted- General Mngr
    Ted Mader- General Mngr (Dalton)
    706-278-1122 ext 216

    Ted moved to Dalton over 10 years ago from New York to be part of our "Southern" Adventure family! He has been responsible for promoting the One Price, No Haggle way of selling and Salaried Sales Force to make sure you receive a kinder gentler shopping experience.  Ted is also the "face" of Adventure. You can catch him locally on our TV infomercials along with his misbehaved "child" Maltida, our Green Winged Macaw.


  • Justin- Sales Mngr
    Justin Wolfe- Sales Mngr (Chattanooga)
    706-278-1122 ext. 291

  • Andy- Sales Mngr
    Andy Buckner- Sales Mngr (Dalton)

    Andy has been around 'from the beginning' and has got what you are lookin for, so come enjoy the Adventure Buying Experience!

  • Glenn- Comptroller
    Glenn Allen- Comptroller
    706-278-1122 ext 218

    Glenn joined the Adventure family in 2006. His dedication and office staff are second to none.

  • Mike- Finance Mngr
    Mike Tropiano- Finance Mngr (Chattanooga)
    706-278-1122 ext. 295

  • John- Service/Parts Dir.
    John Rhodes- Service/Parts Director
    706-278-1122 ext 227 or 244

  • Rick- Service Mngr
    Rick Patton- Service Mngr (Dalton)

    Rick started as a car porter in 1988, then was promoted to service advisor where is dedication to customer service is at the top of the charts. In 2013 he was promoted to Service Manager at our Dalton location.

  • Hank Mazda Service Mgr
    Hank Wilson
    706-278-1122 x 277 or 270

  • 'Garett' Sales
    Garett Beaver

    Our product specialist, Garett has forgotten far more than most salespeople know! If you have a question about a product or feature, Garret is the resident trivia/encyclopedia/gearhead expert and just the person you want to talk with on your next purchase!

  • 'LaDale' Sales
    LaDale Howell

    Ladale is a sales leader every month. This guy can HUSTLE! If you want someone who will work tirelessly to get you in the vehicle you want, you want Ladale! Great service with a great smile, always!

  • 'Donnie' Sales
    Donnie King

    Donnie King, like a lot of the folks here at Adventure, loves two wheel as well as four wheel machines. Harley Davidsons, Chevys, Jeeps, and a genuine love for get togethers will make you feel right at home with Donnie as your salesperson. Buy a car - make a friend! Ask for Donnie.

  • Tim- Sales
    Tim Daniels- Sales (Chattanooga)

  • Jonathan- Sales
    Jonathan Tencza- Sales (Chattanooga)
    706-278-1122 ext. 276

  • Ryan- Sales
    Ryan Hauger- Sales (Chattanooga)
    706-278-1122 ext. 293

  • Josh- Sales
    Josh Smartt- Sales (Chattanooga)
    706-278-1122 ext. 278

  • Eugene Thomason
    GM & Chrysler CertifiedAuto Technician

    Eugene has been with the Adventure family since 1991. He is ASE certified as well as General Motors and Chrysler.

  • Bryan Jones
    Delivery Technician

    Bryan is one of the Crew that makes your new purchase look great

  • Charlie Baker
    Service and Parts Quality Control

    Charlie started with this company back in July of 1951 when we were Hardwick Chevrolet downtown. He moved with the building to our present location until he retired as our Parts Manager in 1996. Knowing Charlie's work ethic and do it right attitude, we asked him to return as our Quality Control tech to insure your vehicle gets fixed right the first time, every time. He won't let it go until it's right.

  • Allen Gunter
    GM Certified Technician

    Allen has been around since 1970, he's seen it all. If your GM vehicle is not acting right. he WILL fix it. Guaranteed!

  • 'Curtis' Quality control

  • 'Steve' PDI Tech

  • 'Brenda' Cashier

  • Ken Strawser
    World Class Master Technician